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Essential Oil Candles in Tins

Candles with essential oils and soy wax
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Purbeck Candles



  • Description

    I found these candles at a Trade Show I went to recently and it's not often I get stopped in my tracks, but these just did it for me. They're attractively packaged, contain nice, clean burning soy wax and just have such a beautiful set of blends of essential oils in them that I had to stock them. So here they are. They won't replace the diddy essential oil candles we've stocked for ages, those are a cute little impulse buy and priced so that you don't mind buying yourself a present. These Purback Candles are more of a Gift For Other People type thing and they're smart enough and substantial enough to be given on their own or as part of a hamper. 

    One of the reasons I like this range so much I guess is that the lovely lady who owns Purbeck and I seem to have similar taste in blends - we both like a blend of florals with citrusses, we're both a bit partial to patchouli and geranium. She has simlar ethics (only using soy wax and essential oils) and hand makes her products in Dorset, not a million miles from us, so it seems a good fit. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

    We've just done another huge order for these so will have som new things in shortly, but the scents we've got in stock now are:

    Lavender & Bergamot - the first one I fell in love with, fresh lavender and the woody citrus of bergamot, it just totally works

    The Orangery - a fresh blend of geranium orange and lemon, bright and light with a hint of floral about it, very appealing.

    Chelsea Flowers - geranium palmarosa, lavender, bergamot and cedarwood combine here, making another fresh, bright floral but not blowsy scent.

    Pure Indulgence - sweet orange, geranium, ylang ylang and cedarwood make a floral and light blend, less of a sitting room scent I'd have thought, great for bathtime and bedrooms though.

    Hygge - cedar, oakmoss, patchouli and geranium mix here to make a comforting, homey clean smell that very liveable with.

    Lazy Sunday Afternoons - oakmoss, patchouli, geranium, orange and rosemary - hard to describe but so clean smelling, nothing dominant in here but togethert they're just delicious. I wanted to take all of these home, but wasn't allowed.

    Mindfulness - a really clever blend of frankincense, rosemary, myrhh, cedar, patchouli and orange make this light, clear scent, another really appealing and would be great for meditation.

    Market Garden - a simple combination of rose geranium and grapefruit that's very fresh and light, very appealing.

    Spa Days - geranium, patchouli, lavender, lemon and sweet orange give another fresh, slightly citrussy, slighly floral blend that's relaxing and sophisticated.

    Candles supplied in aluminium tins and contain 200mls of wax, giving an estimated burning time of 45 hours.

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