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    I found these candles at a Trade Show I went to recently and it's not often I get stopped in my tracks, but these just did it for me. They're attractively packaged, contain nice, clean burning soy wax and just have such a beautiful set of blends of essential oils in them that I had to stock them. So here they are. They won't replace the diddy essential oil candles we've stocked for ages, those are a cute little impulse buy and priced so that you don't mind buying yourself a present. These Purbeck Candles are more of a Gift For Other People type thing and they're smart enough and substantial enough to be given on their own or as part of a hamper. 

    One of the reasons I like this range so much I guess is that the lovely lady who owns Purbeck and I seem to have similar taste in blends - we both like a blend of florals with citrusses, we're both a bit partial to patchouli and geranium. She has similar ethics (only using soy wax and essential oils) and hand makes her products in Dorset, not a million miles from us, so it seems a good fit. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

    Chelsea Flowers - geranium palmarosa, lavender, bergamot and cedarwood combine here, making another fresh, bright floral but not blowsy scent.

    Energise - a bright, fresh blend of grapefruit, bergamot, black pepper, orange and cedarwood. Such a mix of powerful oils should be overpowering but it's not, it's clean and very liveable with.

    Market Garden - a simple combination of rose geranium and grapefruit that's very fresh and light, very appealing.

    Spa Days - geranium, patchouli, lavender, lemon and sweet orange give another fresh, slightly citrussy, slighly floral blend that's relaxing and sophisticated.

    Magi - well what can we say, it's a super festive blend of frankincense, myrhh, orange with a hint of patchouli to boost the woody notes, I love this blend, it's very clever. 

    Mr Radstock's Marvellous Moss Candle - as the name would suggest, something of a more masculine blend, this is cedar, oakmoss and patchouli and while woody, it's certainly not overpowering. I think it's a very clever blend that's got hints of manly aftershave, but a lightness to it that's very appealing.


    Candles supplied in aluminium tins and contain 200mls of wax, giving an estimated burning time of 45 hours.

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