Eco Bags - Large Produce Sack

Eco Bags - Large Produce Sack
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Eco Bags - Large Produce Sack



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    It's clear that we need alternatives to the single use plastic bags that supermarkets provide or fruit and veg, but if you're going to invest in replacements, they have to be the best. So we've found them - organic, reusable, ethically manufactured and sturdy as you like - yet light enough to be practical. Why haul your apples home in plastic when you can do it in style?

    Bags measure 30.5cm wide and are 38cm high, so perfect for vegetables, fruits, heavier items, they have a drawstring for secure transport, the mesh construction means they can take quite a lot of use and in my experience, they wash and wear very well indeed. 

    37g shipping weight.

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