Eco Bags - Produce Sacks pack of three

Eco Bags - Produce Sacks pack of three

Reusable fruit and veg bags - Go Plastic Free!

Eco Bags - Produce Sacks pack of three



  • Description

    We need to get away from our reliance on plastic, we all know that, but we need replacement products that are every bit as good. We're making it our mission this year to find them for you. 

    Three lightweight linen drawstring bags are great to use at markets or, dare I say it, supermarkets for loose items like vegetables, fruit, grains and pulses. Each of the three bags are light enough for every day use, easily washable and are a perfectly practical alternaticve to plastic, which we need to ditch. The sizes of them are 20 x 25.5 cm (small), 30 x 33.5cm (medium) and 33.5 x 43cm (large). 

    75g shipping weight.

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