Orange Flower Toner

Orange Flower Toner
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Toner for dry skin types.






  • Description

    Orange flower water isn't just sweet smelling and a wonderful ingredient in cooking, it's great in skincare too. It draws moisture to itself, so if you have very dry skin or it's very reactive or sensitive but you still like a Toner, this is the product for you. As you know, we're not huge fans of alcohol in toners for obvious reasons, but sometimes - especially if you live in a city - you need a product that will just get you clean and clear after a long day. So with gentle, aromatic neroli water, a touch of pure lemon juice and witch hazel you can feel like yourself again.

    Use as you would any Toner, after cleansing and wipe on and off with a Washable Cleansing Pad. Especially good for young skin that might need a bit of oil removal but are prone to breakouts, it's not drying and while effective, is still very gentle. Do remember that while we've forumlated this for sensitive souls in particular, if your skin is super dry and feels tight at the end of the day (and I'll probably get strung up by the rest of the skincare profession for this.... but it's the truth) you don't need a Toner at all.

    Available in two sizes. The 100ml is wonderfully portable and the 250ml offers great value for money.

    (Shipping weight 125g & 275g)

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Product Testimonials Orange Flower Toner

Yay, a toner I can use! Great work PNS!

rachel gwennap

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