Christmassy Candles

Christmassy Candles
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40 hour pot candle soy wax Pure Nuff Stuff



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    It's nice to have a bit of something different in the house at Christmas isn't it? These lovely soy candles from Amphora deliver on scent, clean burning and burn time - you can expect 40 hours from them they say (I'm assuming that's not in one go, the idea is to have them on an hour at a time) and we are loving the scent options in these:

    • Frankincense & Myrrh - a woody, heady, traditional mix that's all about sophistication and subtlety. This doesn't hit you over the head, it's more of a constant background scent, very liveable-with.
    • Nutmeg - for me this is Christmas in a Jar - it's a powerful, spicy, winter baking day smell, it's strong but familiar.
    • Mulled Pear & Spices - A really fresh fruity scent with cinnamony back notes, very up front and punchy, with an almost mouthwatering quality.
    • Fig & Grape - This is less fruity and more almost musky, a choice for the heavier fragrance fan,  
    • Limeleaf and Ginger - A real hit in the shop, this is fresh and warm. familiar lime scents mix beautifully with ginger for a truly clean, fresh, homey scent.
    • Sparkling Wine & Pink Grapefruit - This has a sort of perfumey top note, very high floral mix that's nicely grounded with the fresh, fragrant grapefruit, another big hit in the shop.
    • Raspberry & Quince - This is an intensely juicy, fruity, sweet, sweet scent that just lifts your spirits and makes you smile. Addictive.

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