Calendula Cleanser

Calendula Cleanser

Face cleanser for delicate skin.






  • Description

    Orange flower (or neroli) water is a flower distillate that's extracted in the same way as the more familiar rose water, it's both soothing and softening and as you'd expect, it smells delicious. The addition of calendula infused cold pressed virgin olive oil makes this a skin softening product ideal for every day use - and for people with sensitive skin that don't do so well with exfoliation. It's great for removing makeup but retains a similar light texture to our ever popular Avocado Cleanser, just without the kelp powder. Don't be nervous of the use of Olive Oil on your face, it's deeply moisturising and if you've ever used our Heavenly Hands cream you'll know it sinks in well and doesn't leave an oily residue. 

    It can be used in two ways, you can apply with your fingertips or our Washable Cleansing Pads, then either wipe or rinse off depending on how dry your skin is. For people with oilier skin, washing off might suit you better, for those of us with dry skin, we find that wiping off is quite sufficient. But as always experimentation is your best guide, try both methods, you're the best judge of what suits you best.

    Sample size, 100ml (perfect for travel or a gym bag) & 250ml (great value and comes with a pump dispenser)

    (Shipping weight 25g, 115g & 245g)

  • Ingredients

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Product Testimonials Calendula Cleanser

This really is an amazing cleanser, especially for very dry sensitive skin like mine. I put a little product on a wet reusable cleansing pad and wipe my face. Does a stellar job at removing make up and it leaves my skin silky smooth, hydrated and not greasy at all. The smell is wonderful. Definitely my new favourite every day cleanser!


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