Baby Oat Bath

Baby Oat Bath

Gentle oat based bath soak.

Baby Oat Bath



  • Description

    For some years now, we've been recommending oat baths for little ones with sensitive skins, skin conditions that don't react well to soaps, and just for a nice, bonding, night-time wind-down. Oatmilk is one of Nature's great gifts, so simple, so nourishing and so plentiful. But, it has to be said, oats can be as messy as all get out.

    So we've solved that. We've mixed the oats with some glorious high altitude lavender essential oil, pulverised them so they release the oatmilk more quickly, then sealed all that goodness into a lovely little unbleached teabag. You just pop that bag into the muslin pouch and you have a super little sponge to use, too! 

    (Shipping weight 40g)

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Product Testimonials Baby Oat Bath

I have been using your products since my health visitor recommended you for my new baby's dry skin back in 2008. We haven't looked back since as we have a lot of sensitive skin in our household.
Fantastically mild and safe products for children and grown ups.

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