Artisan Soap Collection - Rosemary & Neroli Confetti

Artisan Soap Collection - Rosemary & Neroli Confetti
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Small batches of specialty soap.

Artisan Soap Collection - Rosemary & Neroli Confetti



  • Description

    Rosemary is a familiar, warm, herby scent with antimicrobial properties and woody notes. Neroli is the flower of the Seville orange and is a super high floral with the hints of citrus freshness. They shouldn't go together, but they do, they really do, they make a heady bar that's just intoxicating. Neroli is a good mood smell and while it's shocking that such a floral scent survives the soap making process, it comes through powerfully. The confetti element of this comes from the threads of coloured soap that are swirled through the soap before it gets put into the moulds to add depth and interest to the bar. 

    Treat yourself, this one won't be hanging around for long.

  • Ingredients

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