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Heavenly Hands

It's time to let your hands know just how much you love them. Remember - they're on show just as much as your face.

Enriched with Vitamin E and aloe vera, this olive oil-based cream is both soothing and healing but, best of all, it sinks immediately into your skin so you can still open a door after you've rubbed it in. Lavender and marjoram essential oils aid the healing effect and add a pleasant smell without being overly-flowery (the menfolk won't shy away from it). Also available Unscented.

Heavenly Hands has been awarded 9/10 by Natural Health Magazine and is described as ‘miracle cream' by one of our customers.

60ml or 120ml

Weights quoted below include packaging and are for postal purposes only.

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Olive Oil (Olea Europa), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Emulsifying Wax, Aloe Vera Juice (Aloe Barbadensis), Glycerine (Vegetable Glycerine), Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate), Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia), Marjoram Essential Oil (Origanum Majorana)

Reviews (13 total)

alice - 27th April 2015 15:49
This is the best hand cream ever! And it is savng my hands and arms every day. I am a student midwife and have very sensitive skin but have to wash my hands with harsh soaps several hundred times a shift and by the end my hands and arms are red, raw and painfull. When i get home i put this cream on and by the next day my skin is soft and not cracked or bleeding anymore. Thank you for making this amazing hand cream!
Christine - 19th April 2015 20:28
Really nice hand cream and I just love the smell, can't get enough of it. Just ordered my second jar (got the largest one this time) .
Prue - 5th December 2014 22:51
I can't get enough of this hand cream, just about to order some more! It smells divine and works wonders on dry, chapped hands. Love it!
CJ - 9th October 2014 12:18
I was a bit sceptical about using this cream as my hands can be a little sensitive but I have loved it from the first use. It moisturises the hands well and has a lovely scent.
Tara - 29th August 2014 19:09
My daughter has had granuloma annulare (long term skin rash) on her hands. I purchased this cream to see if it would ease the dryness that she experiences. She has found the cream to be hydrating and has eased the hardened patches on her too. I've also used the cream. It's lovely - it sinks into your skin but doesn't leave it greasy as many hand creams do. Really like it!
Alicia Moss - 21st August 2014 13:21
Lovely - sinks right in, very quickly. Used it on my face too! Will recommend it, and get more.
keda horn - 4th August 2014 22:05
I have recently had allergy tests and am allergic to a huge range of chemicals. I have been searching for products without limonene and linalool and tried a sample of your unscented heavenly hands. Great improvement to hands that must have lost at least 8 layers in the last year. Thank you.
Suzanne - 22nd January 2014 08:16
This is a really lovely unscented nourishing hand cream which leaves your skin soft and feeling protected from the elements. I am very pleased with all the products I have tried from purenuffstuff and will be ordering more.
Elena Simpson - 29th June 2013 22:42
Really enjoyed using this hand cream - works well, absorbs quickly and smells lovely!
Lisanne - 3rd May 2013 18:49
I've now got heavenly hands. Best hand cream out there!
Kerry Harding - 30th October 2012 17:41
I have psoriasis on my palms, which is awful and up until recently it's been out of control. I originally used a sample size of the psoriasis cream from nuff stuff, which was good, but noticed that this hand cream worked even better for me. whilst this cannot cure psoriasis, I have seen a marked improvement on my hands. To the point where the skin is not so red or itchy and is starting to feel half normal. I have just ordered a tub of this heavenly hands unscented and highly recommend for anyone with dry skin or conditions like mine.
Dawn - 20th February 2012 18:23
This is a really nice hand cream, rich without being greasy. I use it every night and if my hands are feeling particularly dry I slather it on thickly and use the cotton sleep gloves for a nice 'treatment'. I prefer the unscented as the scented one reminds me of Pledge furniture polish. Buy a big jar and be generous with it.
Rosemary - 20th December 2011 21:08
After receiving a sample of this, I will definitely be ordering the full size. This is a beautiful hand cream.

What our customers have to say....

I just wanted to say thank you. I developed what I think is a chloroxylenol/chlorocreosol allergy after I had my little girl which means I am allergic to anything antibacterial, but only on the last two fingers of my right hand. Nowhere else. They were absolutely horrendous, really swollen, split and just awful. I could hardly move them and it was really painful. I had despaired at my GP who just provided steroid cream that didn't make a blind bit of difference. Anyway I ordered some heavenly hands cream, out of desperation to be honest, not really thinking it would work. And after 1 day, and I am really not joking, it started to improve dramatically and now it is 500 times better, the skin is still different to my other fingers but I think almost 2 years of damage have taken its toll, but honestly that stuff is like miracle cream. I am soooo pleased I found your website. I can't tell you how good that cream is. Which is what led me to try the bubble bath for my daughter, and that worked too, no more eczema for her at all!!!
Julia, Derbyshire

I have used your handcream to tackle a persistent rash on my hands that not even hydrocortisone can heal and within 3 days of using your handcream the rash has almost gone.  (I am allergic to washing detergents and ordinary rubber gloves).  I also used the cream on a persistent sore/dry patch on my little girl's face - she sucks her thumb at night and so this patch is constantly wet.  The rash cleared completely in two days and didn't sting her - it is absolutely marvellous stuff - don't ever stop making it.
Julie, Knaresborough

I couldn't wait to try my item from the order which was, heavenly hands cream, I was most surprised when first rubbing it onto my hands that they didn't smart or sting, which usually happens when I use a new hand cream. After only a few applications, I noticed how the skin was less red and angry looking and even my 19yr old son commented on the smooth texture of my hands, (something he has never done ), and believe me I have used every hand cream under the sun, including lotions and potions from the skin hospital, and all to no avail, but now at long last I have found a hand cream  that really does give you what it says, heavenly hands. Well done ladies and everyone connected with Pure Nuff Stuff, you will soon be receiving my next order request, keep up the good work.
Kind Regards from a very happy customer, Bev, Henley



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